Attic Contracting and Rodent Proofing in Pleasanton, CA

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Attic Contractors in Pleasanton, CA

Attic Contractors in Pleasanton, CA

Attic Contracting, Crawl Space Contracting, and Rodent Prevention in Pleasanton, CA

Warm and far from traffic, the attic is attractive to different types of pests, including rodents. Provided with an entry, they can easily transform your attic into their own home and cause damage. This damage can allow heat to escape, causing a rise in energy bills. It requires the expertise of Attic Services of Pleasanton to protect your family and property.

Keep in mind that rodents are constantly searching for food and moisture, and it is only a matter of time before these pests can enter your living spaces. They may use air ducts and sewer pipes to gain entry, and they could pick up harmful microorganisms along the way. This is why you should never think twice about calling an attic cleaner in Pleasanton.

Attic Services of Pleasanton, CA that has a passion for excellence and community service. The community trusts us when it comes to the attic and crawl space insulation removal, installation, replacement and attic and crawl space decontamination and cleaning, thermal imaging inspection, air duct repair, installation, and replacement, and rodent control and rodent prevention. With us, you can be sure that the highest standard possible from your inquiry through job completion. Call us now to preserve your attic and crawl space from damage that can be caused by rodents and excess moisture and heat.


We are truly confident about the quality of our work. For that reason, we are offering a 5-Year Satisfaction Guarantee. This means all of the homes that we have serviced are entitled to free rodent removal and rodent proofing service for 5 years. Contact 925-319-5797 now to get a free quotation.

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Here is a brief list of some of our services:

-Air duct replacement
-Air duct repair
-Air duct installation
-Crawl space insulation replacement
-Crawl space insulation removal
-Crawl space insulation installation
-Attic fan insulation

-Rodent proofing
-Rat prevention
-Rat control

-Crawl space cleanup
-Crawl space sanitization and decontamination

-Vapor Barriers
-Batt Insulation and Roll Insulation

-Attic insulation replacement
-Attic insulation installation
-Attic insulation removal

-Foam board insulation
-Loose-fill insulation
-Spray foam insulation
-HVAC systems contracting


Our Services

Attic Services in Pleasanton - Air Duct Replacement and Repair
Attic Services in Pleasanton - Crawl Space Cleaning
Attic Services in Pleasanton - Insulation Installation

A well-maintained attic and crawl space can help reduce energy expenditures and protect your family from diseases that can be caused by molds and rodents. Attic Services of Pleasanton, CA is dedicated to improving the lives of our clients by providing top-rated installation, replacement, and repair of attics, air ducts, and crawl spaces. Our services are tailored to the unique requirements of our customers while ensuring that standards are observed throughout the project. Contact our professional attic contractors now!


Crawl Space Cleanup

Attic Cleanup

Rodent Control and Prevention

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Crawl Space Cleaning: We are professional crawl space cleaners in Pleasanton CA that offer comprehensive decontamination, regardless of the size of the house. Rodents can leave different sorts of debris in your crawl space, including droppings, carcasses, food crumbs, and pieces from chewed framing, wiring, or insulation. If the debris enters your living space through the air ducts, your family might experience respiratory irritation or any other illness. Schedule regular crawl space cleanup with Attic Services of Pleasanton now!

Attic Cleaning: When was the last time you climb up to the attic? You might be surprised what you’d find there now. Our team of attic cleaners in Pleasanton, CA is dedicated to ensuring attic sanitation. With the help of extensive training, we do more than get rid of pests, dirt, and debris. The attic decontamination also involves a thorough inspection of the insulation, air ducts, and the attic itself. Holes are covered, cracked insulation is replaced, and frayed wiring is disconnected. Our experience allows us to quickly resolve and detect any problem, earning the respect and trust of the community to our attic cleaning service Pleasanton.

Rodent Proofing and Rodent Control: Rodent proofing is one of our specialties. While we are prepared to exterminate pests, we also make certain that the air ducts and insulation are properly installed and the attic and crawl space are meticulously cleaned to prevent any rodent infiltration. By keeping rodents and other pests at bay, we can reduce health risks to your family. Our rodent control professionals thoroughly check the entire house for possible entries. It can be dangerous for homeowners to handle rodents and prevent them because these animals can be carriers of disease causing. Contact Attic Services of Pleasanton for top-notch rodent removal and prevention. We have the right equipment and training to safely remove rodents from your home and prevent them from coming back. 

Thermal Imaging Inspection: There are some areas in your home that are hard to reach, such as inside walls and within crawlspaces. Using IR home inspection, we are able to detect issues that can’t be perceived by simple visual inspection. This advanced modern technology shows heat waves, allowing us to find the exact location of problematic ducts and insulation. Only the experts can properly interpret the results of thermal imaging, like the Attic Services of Pleasanton. This technology has helped us improve the lives of customers by identifying the problems that are not easily seen by conventional visual inspection.

Attic Services in Pleasanton -Thermal Imaging Inspection
Attic Services in Pleasanton - Radiant Barrier
Attic Services in Pleasanton - Attic Fan

Attic Insulation Contracting

Crawl Space Insulation Contracting

Air Duct Contracting

Air Duct Contracting: Properly-installed air ducts can last for years. Avoid the hassle of frequent air duct problems by hiring a professional air duct installation company in Pleasanton, CA. Our duct instructors have the skills and equipment for quality installation, repair, and replacement. Whether you need to replace an old system or installing a new one, we are prepared to do it for you. We are familiar with all types and sizes of air ducts. Contact Attic Services of Pleasanton to get a free quote!

Attic Insulation: Do you know that an attic contractor in Pleasanton, CA can help you reduce energy expenses? Heat can escape through an attic that has no proper insulation, driving energy cost, and forcing your HVAC system to work harder. Our attic insulation service includes installation, replacement, and removal of insulation rolls, foam boards, spray foam, insulation batt, and vapor barriers. If the presence of rodents is confirmed, you must contact us immediately to check your attic insulation for any damage.

Crawl Space Insulation: Similar to attic insulation, crawl space insulation is also an energy saver when properly installed. Attic Services of Pleasanton will evaluate the condition of your crawl space first to determine if a repair or replacement is necessary before the insulation is installed. We are dedicated crawl space contractors that ensure that all your expectations are met. Trained by numerous projects and veterans in crawl space contracting, we can determine the best type of insulation for you. We are also familiar with the materials used today for standard crawl space insulation.

Air Duct Repair - Pleasanton, California
Attic Cleaners - Pleasanton, California
Attic Insulation Installation - Pleasanton, California

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Attic and crawl space installation, maintenance, and a replacement must be handled only by professionals. Attic Services of Pleasanton, CA is trusted by the community for consistently providing top-rated services while maintaining transparency with customers. We discuss the issues, strategies, and options clearly to help our customers reach an informed decision. This is why all our customers of rodent proofing receive a 5-year satisfaction guarantee. Call us now at 925-319-5797 for a free quote.

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I had a rodent problem and Attic Services of Pleasanton was able to give me one of the lower rates and came through with amazing service. Thank you.

-Jimena C.

I noticed the temperature changed from room to room in my house. After checking my insulation I saw that it was moldy and broken down. I was dreading another expensive repair but Isaac and his team were able to help out tremendously with affordable rates.

-Brian Y.