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Pleasanton Air Duct Repair, Installation, and Replacement

Air ducts are essential components of your home. This is because they help create a comfortable indoor environment, ensure efficient heat/cold air distribution, and protect you from airborne illness. However, this can only be achieved if your air ducts are properly maintained, connected, and sealed. If your family is suffering from respiratory irritation and allergies, your utility bill unusually high, and your indoors covered in dust, there could be a problem with your home’s ductwork.


Air ducts can sustain dents, perforation, disfigurement, or separation for various reasons. Any of these can cause dust to accumulate inside the ducts and enter the living space. If you notice any of these signs, contact us for professional air duct contracting services. Having the air ducts inspected, repaired, and replaced by highly-trained individuals will pay off more than what you paid for.

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Fresh new set of beautiful air ducts from my friends at Attic services of Pleasanton. Works perfectly and no more dust coming from the vents. I appreciate you guys!

-Alan V.

Air Duct Repair

Air Duct Replacement and Repair in Pleasanton, CA

Air ducts are not completely exempted from problems at some point, where you will have to contact air duct repair services in Pleasanton. 

Some states require homeowners to test airflow before installing a new HVAC system due to the nature of the effect damaged air ducts may bring. Sheet metal ducts are durable, but joint leaks are common if they were installed over a decade ago. 

Hiring a professional company to repair, seal, and insulate ductwork is beneficial for a number of reasons. First, your living space will become more comfortable. Second, you increase the energy efficiency of the HVAC system and could even qualify for utility rebates. Third, your family is protected from respiratory issues and allergies that can be caused by a dirty environment.

There is no doubt that professional air duct repair can improve quality of life within the home. By putting the air duct repair on the hands of widely-experienced technicians, you are protecting your house and your family.

Furthermore, getting immediate air duct repairs can prevent “back-drafting”, which is dangerous especially if the carbon monoxide levels are high.

Air Duct Replacement

Pleasanton Air Duct Replacement and Repair Service

Air ducts are extremely important in maintaining desirable indoor air quality and energy efficiency. When the ductwork is defective, the HVAC system’s health is affected.

Air Duct Replacement Due to Mold Problems: Molds grow in a humid environment. If your ducts are cracked, distended, or broken, moisture can get inside and encourage mold growth. If your ductwork or any other part of your home has a serious case of mold growth, air duct replacement is advised.

Air Duct Replacement for Asbestos Remediation: Structures built more than 50 years ago might have asbestos residues in their air ducts. Asbestos is a dangerous material that can be extremely harmful to health. Do not take any chances and call a professional company that specializes in air duct removal right away.

Replace Air Ducts Before They Completely Fail: It is normal for air ducts to undergo wear and tear. But do not wait for them to completely fail before replacing them. While some smaller problems can be patched up easily, you should think about a long-term solution if the repairs are becoming too frequent.

It is never a bad thought to contact an air duct replacement company in Pleasanton to do these things for you. We have extensive experience in this job, delivering top-quality services for years. Call today.

Air Duct Installation

Pleasanton Air Duct Replacement and Repair

Air duct installation in Pleasanton is a complicated job. The ceiling may have to be torn down. Floors may have to be removed. Wiring must be organized. Hiring a professional company in air duct installation is the best thing to do. Many agencies recommend that ductwork installation be handled by a fully-licensed company.

By allowing us to perform the job, you can be confident that all building and safety codes will be followed. Only a company that has in-depth knowledge and understanding of air ducts and how they work can provide you with top-rated results.  Our team is always ready to deliver the results that earned us the trust of the Pleasanton community.

I was getting sick and after some confusion I found out it was due to a rodent issue in my home. I had Izik and his team come down to help me out, when they removed the rodent issue, cleaned up my attic, and replaced the contaminated air ducts. I'm not getting sick anymore and now feel comfortable in my home again.

-Azael T.

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