Crawl Space Cleaners in Pleasanton, CA

Crawl Space Cleaning in Pleasanton

Pleasanton Crawl Space Cleanup Crew

Our crawl space cleaning services provide a wide range of solutions to keep your home clean and safe. Because it is concealed from view, the crawl space is often a neglected part of the family. Some homeowners are not aware that it has to be cleaned regularly to prevent structural damage and health problems. If you’re concerned about these things but are not ready to do the cleaning, contact us. We a professional company that is highly-trained maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of crawl spaces in Pleasanton.


Think about it: are you ready to get into that hollow space under your own house? It requires skill and familiarization to be able to work properly within a crawl space. You won’t have to go through this experience by hiring us to handle the cleaning. Our team will arrive promptly at your property, wearing the right attire, and carrying the necessary equipment.

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I had a very messy crawl space, having had a rodent issue leaving dead bodies and poop everywhere. Attic Services of Pleasanton was able to clean it up and leave it spick and span. Definitely my future contractors for this kind of stuff.

-Debbie R.

Crawl Space Cleaning

Crawl Space Cleaning Service in Pleasanton, CA

We will sweep your crawl space thoroughly to eliminate dust, dirt, and debris that can get into your living space and cause illness. This will also remove mites and insects that can easily crawl up and spread an infestation throughout the house. Anything that is unnecessary in the area will also be removed. While cleaning, our team can perform a detailed assessment at the same time.

As we clear the area, we will be able to discover any structural damage or mold growth. Take note that molds are not only capable of consuming organic components, they also release harmful toxins. But it will be difficult for them to set up a colony if there are people who regularly scrub the area. Call us now to schedule a cleanup.

Crawl Space Decontamination

Pleasanton Crawl Space Cleaning Service

Many homeowners tend to disregard their crawl space when planning for upgrades. Frequently forgotten, proper maintenance of this area can preserve good indoor air quality and structural foundation. Calling crawl space cleaning services Pleasanton to handle the maintenance is the smartest thing to do.


Aside from cleaning, we also decontaminate the area. The vapor barriers prevent condensation or moisture build-up in your crawl space. Mold growth is likely to happen if the vapor barriers sustain fissures, punctures, or even just small cracks. Because the crawl space can be uncomfortable to visit, sometimes the mold growth is already too massive to be handled on your own. 


Protect Your Property by Hiring Us 

Professional Crawl Space Services remediate humidity issues, which can cause structural damage and poor indoor air quality. We use EPA-approved products to decontaminate crawl spaces, destroying harmful microorganisms living in the basement. By employing our services on a regular basis, you can protect the integrity of your family and your property. Call us now and schedule effective decontamination.


Our team of crawl space cleaning experts is properly equipped and dressed for this job. We take crawl space decontamination seriously because we know how much it can help you maintain quality of life. Don’t ever think twice about hiring professionals to clean your crawl space. You would pay more for repair or replacement that regular maintenance. Not to mention the health problems a dirty crawl space can cause.

Crawl Space Sanitation

Pleasanton Crawl Space Cleaning

Rodents are constantly chewing. If they are in the attic, they might chew your wires and insulation. Crawl space cleaning Pleasanton can remove these chewed objects from your crawl space. How is this a problem? Damaged wires lead to fires. Additionally, frayed wiring can disrupt the electrical current and flickering of lights and damage to appliances.


Insulation helps keep your home environment comfortable by containing heated or cooled air generated by your HVAC system. Damaged to insulation can put the effort of your HVAC system in vain. If you can’t reach the desired temperature, the tendency is you will make the HVAC system work harder---which means higher energy bills. One or two small cracks in your crawl space insulation are enough for heat to escape. You might start to wonder why your home still feels too hot or too cold, not knowing that all the cold/hot air pumped by the HVAC system only escapes through those undetectable openings.


The crawl space is probably the least visited area in your house by humans and most visited by rodents and other pests. Therefore, it is not surprising to find remains of dead rats, possums, and other pests in there. Crawl space cleaning services Pleasanton sweeps the crawl space thoroughly to get rid of debris, droppings, and carcasses that can create an unpleasant odor in your crawl space.


Molds are another cause of an unpleasant odor in the crawl space. Without immediate action, mold can spread to other parts of your home fast. All they need are some warmth and moisture. Crawl space Sanitation Pleasanton is trained in mold elimination and prevention.

Attic Services of Pleasanton offers a great crawl space cleaning service. Punctual employees, quality work, and quick process. They are one of the best the bay has to offer.

-Martin V. (Local Guide)

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For crawl space decontamination, cleaning services, and sanitation, Attic Services of Pleasanton is your one-stop shop for all attic and crawl space contracting services. With licensed, experienced workers, trained in customers service and background-checked, we are sure to bring you the honest, quality work you deserve. Call us today.