Rodent Control and Prevention in Pleasanton, CA

Rodent Control and Prevention in Pleasanton, CA

Pleasanton Rodent Proofing and Rodent Removal  

Humans can contract various diseases from fleas, ticks, or mites that are carried by an infected rodent. Not to mention the viruses and bacteria they pick up from the places they travel to and from. Rodents also have the tendency to feed on the food you leave behind, and they can easily contaminate your living environment with their droppings and urine.

Rodents can cause serious issues - part from being a disease carrier, rodents can also be destructive. Rodents, with their incredibly sharp teeth, compulsively chew air ducts, insulation, framing, and other materials in your house. Unfortunately, rodents can fit through small holes. This is why you should contact professional rodent control and prevention Pleasanton if you’re noticing chewed on wires, insulation, etc. inside your home. These animals must be removed from your property immediately to prevent any damage (if they haven’t done some already).

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I love raccoons but I definitely don't want them in my attic. Attic Services of Pleasanton was able to remove them WITHOUT killing them. This was very important to me. They even took pictures of the babies that I could show my kids! So cute but still an uninvited guest. Thanks for the great service!

-Anita G.

Residential and Commercial Rodent Control in Pleasanton, CA

Rodent Control and Prevention in Pleasanton

Rodent Control Pleasanton helps residential and commercial properties maintain a clean environment. We provide thorough inspections of the living areas, the attic, and crawl space to search for any sign of rodent activity. If the inspection reveals that your property has rodent activity or potential rodent entries, we will draft a comprehensive plan to humanely exterminate them and prevent them from coming back.

Given our extensive knowledge and experience, we can easily identify any potential infestations. This is extremely important because it doesn’t take long for rodents to cause damage or spread diseases in your home. We proceed by quickly implementing rodent trapping methods. After that, we will install rodent control measures to prevent infestation to protect your family and property.

It is important to understand that rodent control and extermination involves a lot more than catching one rodent and disposing of it. It requires a thorough inspection and effective trapping and proofing methods. Contact us now to schedule an inspection.


Pleasanton Rodent Control and Prevention

At Rodent Proofing Pleasanton, we fully understand the significance of a clean, safe, healthy living space. Due to behavior, parasites, and diseases, rodents can carry diseases that they can spread throughout your living space.

Do not wait any longer once a rodent problem is detected. Call professional rodent proofers in Pleasanton to remove the rodents and install effective prevention systems to stop them from coming back. We also decontaminate the area to kill disease-causing smaller pests and microorganisms that the rodents might have carried. Our team is highly-capable of handling rodent issues. We can also guarantee that after our services your home will be rodent-free for at least 5 years. It is advised to contact us for regular inspections to prevent rodent infestations and stop them dead in their tracks once they reoccur.

Rodent waste and carcasses emit an unpleasant smell that can make your home less welcoming. These can also trigger asthma, sinus inflammation, allergies, and other discomforts. If rodent grime is not disposed of properly, these can promote mold growth. Mold and droppings can cause premature decomposition of framing and insulation in your home. Fortunately, professional rodent proofing can prevent this.

Contact us now for quality rodent proofing services. We have serviced numerous residential and commercial properties in Pleasanton and all of them are completely satisfied with the results. We can give a quote over the phone, but we would also like to send a technician to your home for a more accurate diagnosis. Following that, we will discuss the best possible solution for your rodent problems.

Rodent Removal

Pleasanton Rodent Control and Prevention Service

Rodent extermination Pleasanton does not simply kill off rodents. If done by us, it involves a more comprehensive method that will remove all the uninvited wildlife from your home to completely get rid of the infestation and prevent it from coming back. An added benefit to our service is our five-year rodent-free guarantee.

Mouse extermination and rat extermination is not a simple one-and-done mouse trap setup for our team. We actively remove mice and rats, lay a few traps for future possible invaders, seal holes, and introduce more preventative measures to remove the critters along with their chances of ever coming back.

Raccoon Removal in Pleasanton should never be a project to do on your own. Raccoons are extremely smart, much larger than rats, and with bigger and sharper teeth and claws. Add this to the fact that 90% of raccoons in the attic are accompanied by their babies, and you have a situation that could get you attacked and harmed, possibly leaving you with a parting gift from the raccoon - a deadly disease. Unlike rats, the easiest methods for removing raccoons does not involve extermination. Our experts usually remove babies and lure the mother out with their cries. All of our work is humane, licensed, and backed by years of experience. We always follow up by sealing your attics and crawl spaces off to prevent further unwanted visits. Call our contractors today.

If conventional methods are not effective in getting rid of the infestation, it is advised to contact a professional rodent extermination company in Pleasanton. We will conduct a complete inspection of your property to locate all possible entries and shelters used by rodents. Afterward, we will draw a plan on how to exterminate these creatures, remove their dead bodies, and prevent future infestation. Our top priorities are safety and making sure our methods are humane.

At the moment you detect the presence of rodents in your property, it is best to contact a professional right away. We will seal all their entry points and remove them quickly. Remember that rats and mice can fit through holes that might seem smaller than their bodies. With our extensive experience, we are able to find entry points that most homeowners miss.

Our team may use a modern technology that emits high-frequency sound waves to vex rodents out of your home. These sound waves are low enough for humans but too high for rodents. This is an inexpensive solution that yeilds great results. We will discuss this with you if this is the best possible solution.

I had a serious rat problem in my barn and my guest house. ASP came on time, removed them fast, and sealed off all the entry points. So far so good, it's been a few months but they also have a 5 year guarantee so I've got nothing to worry about. These are your guys for the job for sure.

-Gary S.

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For problems with rodents, including mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, or any other critter, contact our number right away (you can click the number below to call). We are skilled rodent control specialists that are equipped to end your issue, and prevent it from ever happening again. We offer a 5-year satisfaction guarantee, and if we need to come back for any future rodent issues within that time, it's all on us.