Thermal Imaging Inspections in Pleasanton, CA

Thermal Imaging Inspection in Pleasanton, CAPleasanton Thermal Imaging Home Inspections

Attic Services in Pleasanton aims to deliver excellent services to improve the quality of life of our customers. This is why we always keep up with the latest trends and technologies in home inspections so we can easily detect any damage or animal presence.

Thermal Imaging Pleasanton uses invisible heat energy emitted by a thermal imaging device to produce images. These images are helpful in diagnosing problems that are not detectable by the eyes. Keep in mind that there are many home problems that do not have apparent symptoms until they are beyond repair. But, the subtle hints are detected by thermal imaging. Contact us now for quality thermal imaging in Pleasanton.

One of our inspectors will assess the property using the thermal imaging device. This can include both the exterior and interior of the house. Depending on certain conditions, our inspector will determine the best way to assess the property.

Interior scan using thermal imaging is common because escaping air doesn’t move in a straight line. It is possible that heat loss in a certain area of the exterior wall actually originates from a location inside the house. Moreover, diagnosis can be difficult in an outdoor environment due to temperature differences.

Thermal imaging services are used by many homeowners to ensure that any damage is addressed before it turns into a disaster. It is a smart move to hire a company that uses this technology in their inspections because you can confident that all issues will be uncovered.

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Twice a year, I have an IR inspection done on my home. As a contractor myself I understand the importance of this tech. Attic Services of Pleasanton hasn't always found problems, but when they have, they have been able to quickly rid my home of them. Amazing workers and service.

-John J.

Why Use Thermal Imaging?

Pleasanton Thermal Imaging Inspection Services

Whether it’s a regular home inspection or you’re moving into a new home, these problems can be detected by thermal imaging inspections Pleasanton:

Roof leaks: These leaks can be too difficult to find with a simple ocular inspection. Our thermal imaging device does not the source of the leak. But it produces images that can be used to investigate the possibility of a leak.

Damaged, missing, or wet insulation: Any of these can cause an increase in energy bills and harm your HVAC unit. Functional insulation has a certain heat profile, which can be changed if there is any damage or moisture.

Moisture: Moist air that enters your living environment through gaps or cracks in the attic, crawl space, and around doors and windows can promote mold growth.

Energy loss and efficiency: Your HVAC system will have to work harder if air escapes your living space.

Plumbing leaks: It takes a thorough inspection to locate plumbing leaks. The process can be more tedious and time-consuming if the property has multiple levels.

Electrical issues: Electricity produces heat. So, if there is a heat spike on a particular area, there is probably an electrical issue there.

What We Can Do With IR Home Inspections

Thermal Imaging Inspection Services in Pleasanton, CA

It is important to understand that using an IR device requires skill. It requires training and experience to be able to use this technology to identify problems in the attic, ceiling, crawl space, and other parts of the house.

Thermal imaging Pleasanton studies the thermal anomalies. The device is not a moisture meter, so it doesn’t detect the exact source of the leak. It only shows the temperature differences that could be caused by the presence of excess moisture. Only the experienced home inspectors can know the difference.

The thermal imaging is also an X-ray that shows exactly what is on the other side of the wall. It only shows the thermal activity which could come from animals, defective wiring, or escaping warm air. Our thermal imaging experts in Pleasanton knows how to analyze this.

Thermal imaging is not an all-in-one solution. However, it can be an integral part of the solution. Our team uses this technology in conjunction with others to resolve any issues. It has assisted us in finding problems that are basically invisible during a normal home inspection. Every homeowner must take advantage of this technology in protecting their home and their property.

What To Do After A Home Inspection

Thermal Imaging Inspection in Pleasanton

After we’ve listed down the problems that thermal imaging has detected, our team can draw an integrated plan to resolve all of them. It is more practical to hire a company that can cover several areas (such as the attic and crawl space) than hiring multiple contractors. We also offer rodent extermination and proofing. 

Our team of experts in thermal imaging, attic insulation, crawl space insulation, and rodent control and prevention is committed to delivering the highest quality possible. This is why we are trusted in the Pleasanton community and respected by our fellow contractors for our services.

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I wish all contractors were this pleasant! And punctual, and personable, the list goes on. They really understand customer service and quality work.

-Joyce R.

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